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  • COVID-19 Update: At this time, MYH expects the 2020-21 season to take place as regularly scheduled.  If there is disruption to the upcoming season due to the COVID-19 pandemic, refunds of any tuition payments made with respect to the 2020-2021 season will be given only after official notice of cancellation is made from the league(s), the rinks and our financial commitments to leagues have been resolved.
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Welcome to the Milton Youth Hockey Web site.  Its primary purpose is to provide a central location for information on Milton Youth Hockey - and at times other hockey related news and events.  Within these pages you will find everything you need to keep you well informed about our program and our teams. While we continue to enhance this site, we encourage your feedback and suggestions at any time! We welcome you to our program and appreciate your support.  Please check back often before, during and after the season for updates.  Send suggestions and comments to: , or use the Feedback tab found on the left menu of the homepage.

MYH Uniform Information


May 24, 2020

Dear Milton Youth Hockey Parents,

Congratulations on your child being a part of Milton Youth Hockey! As a member of the MYH organization you will also have special access to custom jerseys, equipment and apparel in partnership with Bauer Hockey and Arrow Sports Group.
New Players will be given a complimentary bundle including a black jersey, a white jersey and game socks. As a New Player to Milton Youth Hockey you MUST go to the website and place an order for this bundle for your player to ensure they receive their uniform, as well as determine proper sizing and correct spelling of name. Returning players that have lost or outgrown their jersey will need to purchase a new jersey on the site. Please see the site for the description of New Players vs. Returning Players.

Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we will not be able to host a fitting night this year. However, to assist you in
determining the correct uniform size for the player, we have created a YouTube video which explains how to “Fit at Home”: ARROW SPORTS GROUP: How to properly fit and size jerseys at home.

Once you know your size, you will go to our custom online store for MYH to complete your order:

On the top of the site you will find the uniforms for Milton Youth Hockey as well as additional apparel and equipment for
sale. You must add the uniform to your cart and complete the checkout process for the order to be submitted. Please be
sure to write the name of your player as you would like it to read on the back name plate of their jersey before adding the
uniform to your cart. If you do NOT receive an email confirmation with your receipt after completing the checkout process
then the order was NOT submitted.

Remember, all order must be submitted online by 6/5/20 to finalize your order and receive your jerseys/socks prior to the
season starting.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at 800-343-5216 x4 or email us
at teamsales@arrowsportsgroup.com.

Stay Healthy & Stay Safe!


Paul Todesca- President Arrow Sports Group

Angelo Todesca - Vice President- Director of Team Sales & Embellishment

by posted 05/27/2020
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