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Good Game...
by posted 10/18/2020

Always good to play a tight competitive game,  win or lose the net result makes you stronger.  Pembroke was a well coached and balanced team that played well.  We tip our hat to Pembroke, and look forward to practice on Monday night.  Enjoy the rest of the weekend.  GO PATS!!

Jim Miller Recipient:

Eva Timlin {Pembroke, 10.18.2020}

"Losing is essential to anyone's success.  The more you lose, the more you want to win"  Brett Hull


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O Jogo Bonito
by posted 10/17/2020

The Brazilian National Soccer team has endured the most success of any other country, and has won (5) World Cups which is more than any other team.  Arguably, the best player of all-time is the Brazilian born Pele' who popularized the phrase 'O Jogo Binto' which translated from Portugese to English means 'The Beautiful Game'.  It pays homage to the team aspect of the game, and how the Brazilian Team  plays as one, and leverages every player by moving the ball around quickly and with ease.  The coaches felt that we had a strong team effort this evening @ Ulin, and we were happy to see them really starting to move the puck.  Hockey is the epitome of a team sport - and when when we let the puck do the work and pass the puck around it is beautiful to watch.  This evening was a big turning point in this regard, and we will continue to build upon this momentum.    See you all tomorrow...

Jim Miller Recipient:

Collette Gorham {Braintree, 10.17.2020}


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Good Game...
by posted 10/11/2020

Nice team win yesterday, and the kids are starting to move the puck well.  It is still early but they are coming together for sure.  We will see everyone tomorrow evening for practice, and have two games scheduled for next weekend.  Both will serve as good tests for us.  Enjoy the weekend!!

Jim Miller Recipient:

Jaspar Laneau {Norwood, 10.10.2020}

“The highest compliment that you can pay me is to say that I work hard every day, that I never dog it.” – Wayne Gretzky



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