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Great Team Victory!!!
by posted 10/01/2022

We have preaching and teaching several key concepts throughout the past 3-weeks and it was so nice to see them all on full display for three well played periods.  The forecheck was aggressive and well positioned with the 3rd guy high providing consistent opportunities for our defensemen to jump up on the play, and crash down low to keep the puck in play deep within the opposition's zone.  Defensively our positioning was strong and the centers did a great job working in tandem with our two defensemen down low in the 'all important' 3-3 within our zone.  Wingers consistently showed their ability to accept and execute the dual nature of the role (defensively) - getting low and to the harsh marks when we had possession and smothering the points when we did not.  In transition our weak side winger was wide and/or moved wide spreading out the opposition creating time and space to enter the offensive zone clean.  We had ~ 14 'golden opportunities' that were very effectively executed with the puck carrier taking the puck wide when we had 'numbers' in our favor with second player going hard to the outside post and 3rd guy high - perfecting the triangle.  We had at least a high quality shot on net in every one of those with the exception of one.  The kids moved the puck well and played head's up hockey finding the open white shirt.  We threw a ton of shots on the goalie and consistently went hard to the net. 

The decision around the Tony G. Award was difficult because the coaches believe we played our best team game.  However, one player stood out because she skated with conviction and high enegry for all three periods.  No one got around her, and she used her body effectively to take possession of the puck in every single one-on-one battle.  She played the game intelligently making great reads, jumping @ the perfect time, and retreating back in to protection to cover the middle of the ice when needed.  She saw the whole ice and made great decision(s) to advance the puck to the open boy/girl and/or carry the puck when time and space provided.  Well deserved Elise - heck of a game!!!

Tony G. Recipient:

Elise Hinckel {South Shore Seahawks, 10.1.2022}

Back @ it tomorrow - and we need to continue to work hard and practice even harder.  The best is yet to come for this team as the coaches are extremely bullish on this group and their collective abilities.

"The Key is not the will to win.  Everybody has that.  It is the will to prepare to win that is most important"  Bobby Knight

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Train keeps rolling...
by posted 09/25/2022

Two very played competitive hockey games this weekend.  Scotty Alton played great - and kept us in both games with stingy goaltending between the pipes.  Quincy played heavy and tested us till the very end.  Overall, the kids played strong, and one player in particular {Maeve Lovett} seemed to have an extra gear all night.  Maeve competed hard on both sides of the ice and won a disproportionate number of one-on-one battles in key situations throughout the game.  We were killing a penalty late in the 3rd with a one goal lead and Maeve took a perfect angle closing in on the defensemen @ the point - which led to a breakaway in her favor and killed precious seconds off the PK.  Excellent effort Maeve!!!

Historically, Canton is always a strong program and a good benchmark for us to gauge our progress.  Great team effort and victory!!!  We seemed to consistently win the turnover battle and moved the puck well - utilizing our defensemen to spread out the ice.  We threw a lot of pucks on net and consistently went hard to the cage in which we were rewarded for our efforts.  Joseph Mulkern played excellent on both sides of the ice.  He was 'el fuego' with the puck on his stick notching the team's first hat trick of the season.  Joe also was committed to playing tight defensively and playing extremely well 'below the dots' in our zone assisting our two defensive in the all-important (3-3) down deep.  Way to work Joe!!!

Lastly, we introduced a new tradition (The Tony G. Award) in the locker room this morning geared @ recognizing the individual who epitomize's the little things behind the scenes that demonstrate a team first mentality, battling through adversity with a positive effort, belief in themselves and confidence in their abilities.  

Tony G. Award Recipients:

Maeve Lovett {Quincy, 9.24.2022}

Joseph Mulkern {Canton, 9.25.2022}

"The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday", U.S. Navy Seals

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