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Covid-10 Safety Standards

In an effort to create a safe environment for Milton Youth Hockey members as we return to the rinks, the MYH Board of Directors has created Covid-19 Safety Standards which are available on the MYH website. These Safety Standards were developed to assist in executing on the guidance of local State and town officials, rink operators, league officials, Mass Hockey, and USA Hockey. The guidelines below will be followed by all members of MYH in Phase 3, Step 1 of the State of Massachusetts reopening plan while participating in any MYH activity at any rink. MYH will update all guidelines if and when we enter Phase 3, Step 2 and beyond as additional information becomes available.

MYH will follow guidance from the State of Massachusetts on safely reopening and returning to play for youth sports. These items can be found here:




For hockey specific guidance, see Mass Hockey resources including a recording of a webinar held on August 16th regarding returning to the rinks: https://www.mahockey.org/hockeyresources

For Mass Hockey FAQ’s in regards to returning to the rinks:




In addition to the CDC, State, and NGO guidelines, MYH will also require and implement the following safety measures:

“Hat Trick Test” for guardians of each participant that shall be certified before they enter any rink:

1. I took my child’s temperature less than 2 hours before their practice or game and it was less than 100.4 degrees.

2. My child has not experienced any symptoms of COVID-19 in the past 14 days (fever, cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, chills, muscle ache or pain, sore throat, or loss of taste or smell). If they have experienced these symptoms, they have since tested negative for COVID-19 since the onset of symptoms AND/OR have a doctor’s note stating that it is safe for the child to return to play.

3. My child has neither tested positive for COVID-19 in the past 14 days nor awaiting test results, and not knowingly been in close contact with anyone (including household) that has tested positive for COVID- 19 in the past 14 days.

All parents required to sign a one-time waiver- agreeing to continuous adherence to the “Hat Trick Test” and to these Safety Standards for duration of the 2020-2021 MYH Season, from the time of your registration through April 2021 (provided by MYH online and at the rinks where applicable).


Guidelines for participating in a scheduled skate in Phase 3, Step 1:

-RSVP with MYH electronically within 24 hours of ice time

-Skater and 1 guardian can enter 10 minutes before ice time with masks on

-Use hand sanitizer upon entering and exiting rinks

-Arrive fully dressed. Can put skates, helmet, gloves, mouthguard on in the rink in assigned areas 6 feet apart.

-Locker room use should be minimized during practices and skills. At Ulin, warm room and benches in the main rink will be available. Locker rooms will be unavailable for practices/skills.

-For game play, each rink visited will have different rules for social distancing. Please abide by each rinks rules.

-Follow foot traffic flow charts in facility (enter one point, exit another point)

-On the ice masks are not required for practices and skills

-During game play masks will need to be worn by centers taking face-offs as well as by players on the bench.   This will prove difficult to pull up and down a gaiter or mask with a helmet on. Therefore, we recommend practicing with your player at home and/or consider having your player wear a mask at all times during game play.

-No sharing of water bottles. Please label with player name.

-No spitting out water or fluids on the ice or areas around the benches

-Social distance on the ice but stay in your cohort

-Coaches are required to wear masks AT ALL TIMES. This includes on the ice during practices/skills/benches during games

-Coaches should bring their own whiteboard if needed. It is recommended that coaches minimize gatherings at the white board

-Collect water bottle, go off the ice at the end of practice, pull mask up
-Everyone should leave the building with a mask on no more than 10 minutes after ice time concludes

-Cohorts of 25 allowed on the ice at least 14 feet apart, 2 groups max, everyone maintaining social distance, stay in your group entire hour. Center ice will be blocked off to maintain distance between cohorts/teams.

-Coaches responsible for executing on all guidelines on the ice

-All skills and drills (think skating and shooting) will be modified to adhere to social distancing recommendations

-Everyone should wear a mask until you go on the ice

-One guardian per participant. Masks for all in the rink and social distance in the stands and around boards at all times

-No full clear shield required. Masks are required still with full face shields as these have openings at the bottom allowing for fluid exchange. Bauer and CCM are making attachments for full shields but are currently not available. See more information here from USA Hockey: https://cdn3.sportngin.com/attachments/document/a86d-2166147/FullShield.FaceMasks.COVID19.June2020.pdf#_ga=2.127267469.1034889785.1598724805-649940838.1598545727


Additional MYH Specific Guidelines:

Everyone: Parents, Coaches and Players will all need to work together for us to

-RSVP with MYH electronically within 24 hours of ice time. This is extremely important for accurate record keeping in the event that contract tracing needs to be done.

-If any coach, parent, player develops COVID-19 symptoms or positive test, please isolate at home, report to MYH Coach. MYH will work with local Board of Health to initiate appropriate contract tracing

-Masks: a gaiter will be provided by MYH to coaches and players. This or another face covering must be worn at all times, covering face off the ice, pull down over neck on the ice if you choose.

-Water bottles will be provided to each coach/player. Please label. No sharing allowed.

-Any additional safety measures deemed a necessity by the rink(s) and specific Town(s) where the rink is located



-Mandatory Coaches meeting (virtual) to be held in September prior to season start

-Attendance records will be mandatory. Please work with Team Manager to track players in attendance at practices/skills/games in the League Athletics system

-Electronic whistles will be provided for Coaches

- All skills and drills (think skating and shooting) will be modified to adhere to social distancing recommendations

-Responsible for all contact and cleaning of pucks, cones, or anything used on the ice

-Coaches will have sanitizing wipes for dashers or anything that needs cleaning on the ice

- Coaches assigned to any ice hour will be responsible for all enforcement of guidelines (masks/social distancing) and protocol during that time

-See Coaching Resources on MYH site, MA Hockey and USA Hockey sites for sample drills and skills



-Try to stay 6 feet apart on the ice at all times-approximately two arm lengths or a hockey stick apart

-Reminder no sharing of water bottles (please label with name) or any other equipment

-Keep all equipment on while on the ice at all times, including no physical contact with pucks

-Stay with your team on the ice. Do not intermingle with players from other team



-Wash / disinfect all equipment used on the ice each time

-Self attest health of self/player(s) before entering the rink (“Hat Trick Test”)

-Wear mask and practice social distance at rink-approximately two arm lengths