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MYH Coaches Selection Methodology


The Milton Youth Hockey Coaches Committee is dedicated to making the best decisions for what we believe is in the best interest of the players of Milton Youth Hockey. In the spring the Coaches Committee is tasked with choosing the most appropriate coach available for a given team. Each team has different requirements depending on their age, level, and ability. From a procedural standpoint, we wait until the end of the season to pick coaches for the following season so as to minimize interruptions with the current teams. We also try to hold tryouts near the end or after the season ends to minimize interruptions. The teams making it deep into their respective playoffs usually finish skating late March/early April. Below are the guidelines that we follow annually to select the MYH Head Coaches.



In the March time frame, we notify all MYH members and current coaches via email and the MYH website to submit a coach’s application to the Board if they have an interest in coaching for the following season.


Complete Application

  • Please complete the coaching application form on the Website under Register Online.

  • We ask each coach for their level preference - but we are not always able to accommodate depending on a number of factors. For example, if a returning coach decides that he would like to coach at the same level (Squirts for example) for a second year, and if that coach has a clean record and is in good standing with MYH for that year, then they will most likely be invited back to coach that team again. We are not in the habit of firing volunteer coaches.


Selection Guidelines and Criteria

  • Multi-year coaching guidelines

    • If an individual coach has worked with a team for three consecutive years either as head coach or assistant, then they may be asked to step aside and take a year off so that the players on that team may be exposed to alternative coaching styles. We believe that this is in the best interest of each player as they develop and move through the Milton Youth Hockey Program.

  • Contingency guidelines

    • We make every effort to accommodate all coaching requests but are unable to satisfy everyone noting that each team can only have one head coach. We take into account coaching experience, administrative abilities (communication, etc.), reputation, time to volunteer, and all around character. These are children being coached and some coaches are better suited coaching at specific age levels.

  • Coaching Sons or Daughters

MYH has no issues with Coaches wanting to coach their sons or daughters – just as long as coaches understand that they need to treat every player absolutely equal.  Also, coaches will be placed in a coaching position only after their child has been placed on a team.

  • Estimated Timeline of the Selection Process:

    • All MYH Travel members and current coaches are notified via email and website late March to submit coaching applications by early April for the following season.

    • Coaches’ applications are collected and reviewed by the Coaches Committee prior to the April MYH Board meeting.

    • At a Board Meeting, or at a special meeting called by the Board, the Coaches Committee makes its recommendations for coaches for the upcoming season. The Board votes to approve, or otherwise all recommended coaches.

    • Notifications are sent out via email or telephone to all coaches who submitted an application in writing after the selection process once all teams are finalized.


These guidelines are to help coaches and parents to understand the MYH coach’s selection process. If anyone has any questions regarding the MYH Coaches Committee or these guidelines, please email Bill Bennett at william.e.bennett@comcast.net.  Thank you in advance for your time and interest in MYH.


Milton Youth Hockey Coaches Committee