Skills Sessions

Milton Youth Hockey offers 3 sets skill sessions for our players of all ages and skill levels. These sessions are designed to help players improve their skating, shooting, passing, stickhandling, and goaltending skills.

O'Sullivan Skills

For our MYH travel teams, in team schedule.

Our house league program on the weekends.

Driscoll Skills

For our MYH travel players only on Sunday evenings.

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Goalie Skills

Our MYH goalies only on Saturdays at 1 PM.

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Our Partners

O'Sullivan Hockey

O'Sullivan Hockey Academy

The O'Sullivan Hockey Academy develops each player through highly structured drills to maximize growth and development in all facets of the game of hockey. We provide players of all ages and abilities the highest standard of skill development in an environment that fosters confidence and self-esteem.

In each session, players will be driven to maximize his or her skills in all areas of the game of hockey. The coaches will teach, demonstrate, correct, and reinforce the drills to each and every player. Growing up as students of the game, we have maximized our learning experiences and paid great detail to the fundamentals that are essential to a developing hockey player.

We take pride in coaching our coaches in our philosophies, strategies, and teaching techniques. Our hockey background combined with our high level of energy and enthusiasm is demonstrated each and every practice.



Driscoll Skills and Skating

Driscoll Skating & Skills is proud of its partnership with Town Hockey programs. We will work individually with your program to customize all aspects of the Skills training. We hold a fundamental belief that teaching hockey players how to skate better will enhance their experience with hockey in a profound way. Further, we have found that if Town Hockey programs teach players how to skate better, they will retain more players.

Our fundamental mission is to help the players that train with us maximize their potential and in turn ignite their passion for the game of Hockey. Please know that Power Skating is at the core of everything that we do, as Power Skating is the core skill in the game of hockey. At its essence, our program is designed to help our players play better hockey. We have found that the optimal way to do that is to have passionate coaches teaching the most critical Skills and with Skating as the key component of our training.

The Driscoll Skating & Skills curriculum combines a progression of both Skating Edge Work and Power Skating drills delivered with a progression of teaching points and instruction that we have found to be the most effective. We certainly understand and appreciate that Hockey requires additional Skills beyond the art of Skating and we incorporate Stickhandling and Passing with Movement into our curriculum.

If you choose Driscoll Skating & Skills for your child, the expectation should be that your child will be a noticeably better skater and a better hockey player at the end of our program.

Tim Driscoll

Goalie Saturday Skills

Goalie Saturday Skill Sessions

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